It’s time for chilesquiles!

It’s time for CHILESQUILES! For many years our family has always kept a tradition
of sharing and enjoying a Sunday meal of chilaquiles. But it’s not just our family, for generations chilaquiles has always been a traditional Mexican dish that is best enjoyed when you have the time savor the flavors and time put into preparing the dish from scratch. We realized though that for days when we didn’t have enough time to prepare a sauce for chilaquiles there were no other ready-to-serve cooking sauces in the market specifically for our favorite dish.

That is why we felt now was the time to share our family’s sauce recipe with
everyone, so everybody can enjoy chilaquiles with anybody they want at anytime they want.
Because our cooking sauces are versatile we want to invite fellow gourmets and food explorers to not only create their own #chilesquilessunday tradition but use our cooking sauce in other dishes and ingredients as well as we envisioned with our serving suggestions. We want you to be able to enjoy your favorite chilaquiles or meal with a delicious, artisanal and flavorful cooking sauce without sacrificing the authenticity, quality and flavor you can only get from taking the time to make a fresh-made sauce. That is why we felt now is the time for a Chilaquiles Movement. That is why we felt now was the time for CHILESQUILES, The Essential Chilaquiles Sauce.

Tacos, burritos, moles, quesadillas…the world has grown to know and love traditional Mexican cuisine. That is why it is time the world was introduced to chilaquiles in the best way
possible by making this dish easy to approach and enjoy with help from CHILESQUILES, The Essential Chilaquiles Sauce. We feel CHILESQUILES can not only introduce chilaquiles to 
new adventurous palates of food explorers but also open the door to a new world of flavor 
for those searching for culinary inspiration as well. That is why we’re proud to say “It’s time for CHILESQUILES!” because it’s time for everyone to get to know and enjoy chilaquiles just as much as our family has grown to love chilaquiles. 

From our family to yours, we thank you for being a part of the Chilaquiles Movement by choosing to try our cooking sauces. We hope you enjoy the #chilesquilessunday experience as much as we’ve always enjoyed ours and we hope that you one day start and share a cooking tradition of your own thanks to the inspiration of CHILESQUILES, The Essential Chilaquiles Sauce. Octavio, Romina & The Kids


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