Welcome to 2017: Essential Flavors

Welcome to 2017: The Year of Essential Flavors. It’s a new year and that means three things for foodies: out with last year’s food trends, in with this year’s food trends and making new year resolutions. Many of the leading authorities in the industry have already made their must-try trends known but one theme remains constant: Food explores, gourmets and everyday people alike still share a love and passion for only the essentials, especially essential flavor.

Whether you’ve set a new year’s resolution to explore and try new cuisines, to eat healthier and cleaner or to eat more sustainably and mindfully the people have spoken and all can agree they want to see more flavor-forward dishes in 2017. And as any good chef will tell you: the most flavor-forward dishes are always packed full of essential flavors that shine through in every taste, every bite, ever last drop. How can you add essential flavor to your dishes as you explore the food trends of 2017? By using an essential cooking sauce.

Chilesquiles is the essential chilaquiles cooking sauce. But it’s not just for chilaquiles, it’s not just for traditional and modern Mexican cuisine, Chilesquiles is a versatile artisanal cooking sauce that is always hand-crafted with fresh, natural and sustainable ingredients with no-added sugars or fat and of course packed full of essential flavors that sing and compliment the dish it’s used with. Feel like making Buddha bowls your trend for 2017? Not a problem. Want to add more spice to your diet this year? Our sauce will fan your burning passion with flavor.

Chilesquiles is also well-traveled and can compliment exotic flavors as well! Leave your passport at home and let Chilesquiles take you and your meals on a tasty trip of a lifetime. Substitute our Signature Red Chilesquiles sauce when making pasta bolognese (it even tastes great with zoodles and pasta substitutes), marinade your proteins with Chilesquiles before throwing it on the plancha or grill, even when you’re not in the mood for chilaquiles as a breakfast dish you can book your flight for exotic flavors using Chilesquiles sauce as a substitute in Middle Eastern dishes like shakshuka or skhug. As you can see the possibilities are nearly endless when you focus on what’s essential, especially essential flavors. Chilesquiles


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