The essential Chilaquiles sauce

About Us

CHILESQUILES™ is the essential Chilaquiles Sauce, Texas-made and handcrafted in small batches with fresh, natural and sustainable ingredients to share the tradition of Homemade Mexican Cuisine in every jar. It is an artisanal fresh-crafted sauce that is always made with care. Our family has always had a tradition of enjoying a Sunday morning breakfast of Chilaquiles. That is why we decided to share our sauce with you so you can start a weekend cooking tradition of your own of enjoying Chilaquiles with your family and friends any time you like.

Who we Are

The name CHILESQUILES™ was influenced by the Nahuatl word CHILAQUILES that means “Chilis and Greens” as well as the  comforting delicious namesake dish that inspired us to share our unique sauce recipe. CHILESQUILES™ is the essential Chilaquiles Sauce because its inspiration is tied to the dish being a traditional favorite in many Mexican homes & restaurants. Our sauce is the essential sauce because it saves you the time and hassle of making Chilaquiles at home. All you have to do is mix the sauce with your favorite essential chilaquiles ingredients and enjoy the 
#Chilequilessunday experience on any or every day of the week.

Our Mission

It’s time for CHILESQUILES™ ! Our mission and story was creating a quick and easy solution that doesn’t sacrifice the authenticity or quality we’ve always put into making the same sauce we enjoyed when we have Chilaquiles at home. Before CHILESQUILES™, if we had little time to prepare a sauce from scratch there was no sauce readily available for Chilaquiles. As any home cook will attest: when it’s time for Chilaquiles the Sauce has to be just right because it is the backbone of the dish. Now you can spend less time cooking and more time together savoring a delicious meal when it’s time for CHILESQUILES™ because you know that you’re getting the authentic recipe in every jar.

Contact Us

CHILESQUILES™ is made with the purpose of not just making it easier for you to enjoy Chilaquiles whenever you want but also to preserve and share authentic Mexican Chilaquiles recipes that havebeen passed from generation to generation. That is why we invite you to contact us at and let us know your comments, experiences, questions, suggestions, or even share your own family recipes. We look forward to hearing from you! - Octavio, Romina & The Kids